Reach the sky, reach the happiness...

Smog Shisha Lounge with a capacity of 140 people for a new generation restaurant experience on the 9th floor of Lasagrada Hotel in Osmanbey. Our chefs offering exquisite tastes from Turkish and world cuisine and a brand new hookah experience await you with its pleasant atmosphere in the city. Smog, half open restaurant on the 9th floor and a full open terrace on the upper floor provide peace and comfort in the city.

The chefs who created wonders with their ingenious hands,  with cellar for gourmet checkers, freshly squeezed vitamin store fruit cocktails and with the new generations hookahs moves your gladness to up. Perfectly sour yeasted crispy doughy pizza, delicious eastern soup that makes a difference with cup tasting, hamburger with its special bread and local delicacies suitable for every palate offers its guests delicious Turkish and world cuisine. 

Both the world's most preferred tastes and for those who are open to new tastes, Smog Shisha Lounge offers a wide range of new generation hookah. It offers a variety of hookahs that appeal to everyone's tastes.

Moving up all the experiences he has ever experienced, those who want to meet a brand new view in the middle of the city, call the elevator and press the Smog button. Our team is at your service between the hours of 12: 00-24:00, 7 days of a week.