New Generation Nişantaşı Nargile Cafe!

Nişantaşı is one of the places that comes to mind when it comes to eating, drinking, having fun. The restaurants that decorate the sidewalks in its wide streets, the famous places with antique pieces, the restaurants that decorate the streets with its cute concepts and the ones that nişantaşı hookah cafe culture are fed by the narcissists day by day. Of course, the Nişantaşı sticker is another beautiful with the enjoyment of friends.
What goes next to a pleasant conversation? A hot tea on top of the smoke, a bitter coffee with a forty-year sake, and most of all a hookah. Ancients also know that the hearts, at least two people drink a hookah table. The steaming charcoal against the landscape is an upper one, and the pleasure of the buggy is felt separately. Then, in the middle of the city, a new place shining in the land of Nişantaşı hookah cafe; Smog Shisha Lounge. This is not the kind of Nişantaşı hookah cafe you've seen anywhere. On the 9th floor of the Lasagrada Hotel, it invites those who want to look at the city from above. It offers its guests a whole new experience with its variety of hookahs.
Nişantaşı Now More Misty!
Nişantaşı hookah cafe when it comes to the first thing comes to mind. Located on the upper floors of the city, for quiet conversations, away from the crowd, equipped with exquisite flavors, adding a fresh breath to the joy of nargile; Smog Shisha Lounge. With its full ninety-eight varieties, it appeals to everyone's tastes. It also offers a great variety to those who are open to innovation. When you say Nişantaşı nargile cafe you will not find anywhere else; vitamins, fresh fruit juices and pomegranate in the decision of the Turkish coffee with the accompanying narcissus offers delicacies. You can get a little confused between these kinds of varieties, but
These Hookahs are Multicolored!
You can drink the infinity nargilas for hours and choose to accompany your long conversations. Grapefruit, watermelon, cappuccinolu, honey, milk, vanilla, blackberries ız you can experience dozens of different nargilayımızacağımız, you can add these new flavors to your taste. Get a quick introduction to the world of hookah drinks Nishantai hookah cafe for the first time. If you are unable to choose from all kinds, please consult our chefs. Enjoy hookah enjoyment with special blends that appeal to your likes.
About Us

Smog Shisha Lounge with a capacity of 140 people for a new generation restaurant experience on the 9th floor of Lasagrada Hotel in Osmanbey. Our chefs offering exquisite tastes from Turkish and world cuisine and a brand new hookah experience await you with its pleasant atmosphere in the city. Smog, half open restaurant on the 9th floor and a full open terrace on the upper floor provide peace and comfort in the city.

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