Hookah Culture!

Who knows a real vineyard with hookah, hookah; the spirit of space, the time lost the importance of the conversation, the view of the enjoyment of the pleasure of the half remains. For the new identity, which was born in India and indispensable in the Ottomans, and which has finally reached today; Let's open a parenthesis to the new generation hookah Smog Shisha Lounge offers.
What is the current history of hookah, which dates back to India about 500 years ago, altered by the motives of every culture it was involved, and which was almost a universal joy? Let's start the story from the beginning. Her native America, known by her discovery of the Indians, her tobacco. The Indians are quite confident with the Western generation, which is indispensable on Sunday mornings. Tobacco, which was transported to Europe by Spanish sailors after the discovery of America, became popular at one time, and has since duplicated its reputation. Let's go to the tobacco hookah meeting; In the early 1600s, Venetian merchants established warm contacts with the Ottoman Empire. Nargile enjoyment, according to our very complete, was not very difficult to become a tradition. The first photo of the nargile in memory of the Ottomans remained until today.
Hookah saying that everyone's mind with plenty of motif marpery, flakes, lightly heavy backgammon game, silver lid, china detail pain, bitter coffee, a deep chat comes. The situation is a little different now, there is only one must-see landscape in the water pipe ceremony. Hookah was moved to the center of the city with its content, which has become a modernized design and fruit feast.
At this point, Smog Shisha Lounge, which rose on the 9th floor of Lasagrada Hotel in the center of Nişantaşı, brought a new breath to the hookah culture. Smog Shisha Lounge, which offers a wide range of new generation hookah products, has not only abandoned the most preferred flavors in the world, but has also expanded its menu. Smog Shisha Lounge is a brand new experience for hookah lovers and a thrilling discovery with 98 types of waterpipes, with modern design, abundant fruit, the world's best quality tobacco and carefully prepared waterpipes.
Those who want to move all the experiences they have ever lived up to and have a whole new view in the middle of the city are left to call a single elevator and press the Smog button. 7 to 7 days a week between 12: 00-24: 00 hours all the hookah enthusiasts are expected to enjoy the magical view.
About Us

Smog Shisha Lounge with a capacity of 140 people for a new generation restaurant experience on the 9th floor of Lasagrada Hotel in Osmanbey. Our chefs offering exquisite tastes from Turkish and world cuisine and a brand new hookah experience await you with its pleasant atmosphere in the city. Smog, half open restaurant on the 9th floor and a full open terrace on the upper floor provide peace and comfort in the city.

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