Weekend in Smog!

Cozy chat atmosphere, special special occasion celebrations with lovers, delicious cuisine offering selections from world delights and a brisk shopping in Nisantasi. The first thing to do is to jump in the elevator and walk away from the noise of the city, the rest is the wonderland!
Renew Your Energy Before Shopping!
We have a great suggestion for you and those who look forward to the weekends at the busy pace of the week. Nişantaşı'ın pleasant streets of the pleasant streets of a pleasant shopping shop before you pampering yourself with a delicious breakfast to start your day, as well as the 9th floor of the city, a magnificent view of the sea of ​​Marmara? The calendars should be prepared, the Saturday alarms awaken the body with its own clock. Smog Shisha Lounge, after a full breakfast to be made, all day with enthusiasm to live.
Lovers Torpedo in Smog!
We have a great proposal for you lovers who cannot stand up from the power of work and meet with the taste of mouth. Put an end to this weekend and listen to our suggestions to bring your joy to the peak. Make your reservation, book your location on the most scenic corner of the restaurant. Season is summer, spring is full open to the terrace, if not half-open in the restaurant away from the noise of the city, enjoy a night alone. Sit back, remember the times you lost, and experience your love for the misty landscape. Smog Shisha Lounge has a delicious menu full of the chef's specialties, a large cellar where you can choose the most suitable wines for your palate and a hookah that will crown your love with a special design for lovers.
Flavor Hunters Come Up!
To introduce a new flavor to the palate, traveling around the country, discovering the world's tastes as much as possible, we know a place for you, at the center of Istanbul. You may not have been aware of the eastern soup, the naked sunflower cake, the sultan's toast, and the Black Sea pizza pizza. Smog Shisha Lounge is on the 9th floor of Lasagrada Hotel, for those who want to enjoy the taste, enjoyment and experience. First you should hop on the elevator and enjoy the new scenery you meet, besides the delicious food that decorates your table.
About Us

Smog Shisha Lounge with a capacity of 140 people for a new generation restaurant experience on the 9th floor of Lasagrada Hotel in Osmanbey. Our chefs offering exquisite tastes from Turkish and world cuisine and a brand new hookah experience await you with its pleasant atmosphere in the city. Smog, half open restaurant on the 9th floor and a full open terrace on the upper floor provide peace and comfort in the city.

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